As commissioner of Meadow Lake Minor Hockey’s Atom division, Karla Hansen has found herself extra busy as of late. Recently, Karla spoke with Northern Pride about her role with minor hockey, her career at RBC and her family.

  1. When did you begin your current stint as commissioner of Meadow Lake Minor Hockey’s Atom division?
    A: My current stint as Atom commissioner began this season. However, I was the Novice commissioner for the previous two seasons. The season begins with the selection of coaches and teams. From there, we try to divide all the players equally, while managers are also selected. Throughout the term, I divide the ice time to each team equally. Additionally, as commissioner, I also select the home tournament date and help organize each aspect that goes into running the tournament smoothly.
  2. What sort of preparation goes into planning a home tournament?
    A: There is so much to consider when preparing for a tournament like this. This year we were lucky enough to host six out-of-town teams making the tournament a complete 10-team tournament with an astounding 20 games. Nothing of this nature can go off without countless volunteers and our whole Meadow Lake Minor Hockey community pulling together. To me, home tournaments give Meadow Lake an opportunity to show off our great community. I also believe the ability for our players to play in front of extended family or sometimes both parents or guardians is something special. When you have multiple children in multiple sports, not everyone has the ability to see their kids doing what they love. Both the smiles and heartbreak that come with playing sports can’t always be measured from a text or photograph sent to those who had to stay behind.
  3. Last year, the Saskatchewan Hockey Association made it mandatory for guest coaches and volunteers to wear helmets when on the ice for practices. What are your thoughts on this new rule?
    A: For me this is all about safety. You never know when an accident will occur. Anything we can do to make it safe for all those on the ice creates an environment that is fun for the kids and volunteers. Everyone has really taken this rule change in stride and continues to ensure safety is taken seriously.
  4. Away from the rink you’re recognized by many for your career with RBC. Tell me more about what your role at the bank.
    A: I started with RBC in May 2016. My current job title is mortgage specialist, which is truly a passion of mine. I try to provide peace of mind to clients by providing customized mortgage solutions and advice while meeting their individual needs. My role includes anything from a pre-approval to refinancing an existing home. With a background as a paralegal, I’m quite versed in the entire process.
  5. Tell me about your family and what led you to Meadow Lake.
    A: I am married with two young children ages six and nine. My husband, Jordan, is a teacher at Carpenter High School. He grew up in Meadow Lake. I grew up, in a community very similar in size – Drayton Valley, AB – and all of my extended family are still in Alberta. We ended up coming to Meadow Lake as a result of an employment offer Jordan received just after obtaining his bachelor of education. Meadow Lake is a beautiful area with much to offer. I would love to see our community grow and become an integral part of all the opportunities the North has to offer our province.