There are 31 new cases of COVID-19 to report in Saskatchewan July 27, bringing the total to 1,209 cases. The new cases are located in the Central (10), South (9), Saskatoon (8) and North (3) regions. One case’s location is pending.

Of the 1,209 reported cases, 307 are considered active. A total of 886 people have recovered.

Of the 31 cases reported today, investigations completed thus far have found 22 cases are from colonies in the south, central, Saskatoon and north regions.

Fourteen people are in hospital. Ten people are receiving inpatient care; four in Saskatoon, three in the Central region, two in the South and one in Regina. Four people are in intensive care; three in Saskatoon and one in Regina.

Of the 1,209 cases in the province:
• 200 cases are travellers;
• 613 are community contacts (including mass gatherings);
• 288 have no known exposures; and
• 108 are under investigation by local public health.

Overall in Saskatchewan:
• 61 cases are health care workers; however, the source of the infections may not be related to health care in all instances.
• 347 of the cases are from the Far North, 264 from the South, 237 are from the Saskatoon area, 134 from the North, 138 from the Central region and 88 from the Regina area.
• 183 cases involve people 19 years of age and under, while the remainder are adults.
• 403 cases are in the 20-39 age range; 376 are in the 40-59 age range; 208 are in the 60-79 age range; and 39 are in the 80-plus range.
• 51 per cent of the cases are females and 49 per cent are males.
• 16 deaths related to COVID-19 have been reported to date.

To date, 92,796 COVID‐19 tests have been performed in Saskatchewan. As of July 25, when other provincial and national numbers were available from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Saskatchewan’s per capita rate was 67,297 people tested per million population. The national rate was 101,145 people tested per million population.
Yesterday, 1,613 COVID-19 tests were performed in Saskatchewan.

Bored of COVID? COVID Doesn’t Care

It has been more than four months since COVID-19 arrived in Saskatchewan. It’s understandable that many people are tired or frustrated with the continued state of cautiousness. If you are feeling well or don’t know anyone who has gotten sick, it is easy to think that you do not need to be careful. However, the recent surge in COVID-19 in all regions of Saskatchewan shows that we cannot become complacent. There is no region in Saskatchewan without active cases.

Personal protective measures protect you, your friends and family. There is a risk of coming into contact with COVID-19 anytime you go out in public or meet with friends.

Saskatchewan residents know what needs to be done to reduce transmission: wash your hands often, keep gatherings small and with the same group of people, maintain a physical distance of two metres and wear a mask anywhere where you cannot maintain physical distancing. It is also crucial to stay home if you are sick.
The Re-Open Saskatchewan plan provide guidelines for precautions in various activities. Find the most up-to-date version of the Reopen Saskatchewan plan at

If we all do our part to keep ourselves and others safe, we will be able to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan again.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing is now available to anyone who requests it, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. A referral for testing can be made by contacting HealthLine 811.

Since introducing universal testing, there has been an increase in requests to be tested with the corresponding increase in provincial testing numbers. The Saskatchewan Health Authority is working to ensure responsive service timing. Contact your physician’s office if you are experiencing worsening symptoms. If you require urgent care, call 911.

General public inquiries may be directed to