A resident of Meadow Lake for more than three decades, Conrad Read believes in giving back to his community. Recently, Conrad spoke with Northern Pride about his role as a city councillor, his career with the Ministry of Highways and his love for his family.

Q: You are considered a veteran member of Meadow Lake city council. Why did you decide to initially run for local politics?
A: It has been something I have always wanted to do and through this endeavour was a way to contribute my skills, knowledge and attributes to the beautiful City of Meadow Lake. I have dedicated time in my life and the blessing from my wife to continue this journey. I have always been a volunteer in many organizations throughout my life, and the opportunity to serve on city council is a way to give back to the community I call home.

Q: You are one of three council reps on the city’s parks and recreation board. Why is recreation important and are you excited for the initiatives recently laid out in the rec. department’s one, three and five-year plans?
A: I have always believed it is important for children and residents to become and stay active in whatever sport or extracurricular activity they choose. These opportunities present a healthy lifestyle and a development of life learned skills. The one, three and five-year plan is exciting for the community. Like all strategic plans, it is up to council to look at the wishes of the community and prioritize their existence against all other programs, priorities and necessities. Council would then budget and set governance for each consideration.

Q: In addition to your role with the city, you also work for the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. What is your role and what are your primary responsibilities?
A: I have been employed with the Ministry of Highways for the past 41 years. I have worked in many geographical areas of the province and have been fortunate to see the beauty of Saskatchewan. My current position is district operations manager for the Meadow Lake district. I am responsible for 2,500 kilometres of highways and six airports in the Northwest part of our province. My employment started with an opportunity in my hometown of Glaslyn to have a job. From there I held positions in Neilburg and La Ronge where I managed the Athabasca district in the Far North. I have been entrusted to carry out other duties in all areas of the province during my time with government.

Q: When not busy with work, what is your favourite way to pass the time?
A: I love spending time with my four grandchildren at the lake each summer. The lake, to me, is my place where I can relax, re-energize and enjoy all that nature has to offer. I enjoy the outdoors and grew up hunting and fishing at every opportunity. I now share these passions with my grandchildren in hopes they enjoy them as much as I, as well as their parents, did growing up.

Q: Tell me more about your family.
A: I have been living in Meadow Lake since 1989 where my wife, Michele, and I raised three children. Our daughter, Brooklyn, continues to live in Meadow Lake and is a registered nurse at the Meadow Lake Hospital. Our two sons, Brendon and Braun, are power engineers and work for Cenovus Energy out of Lloydminster. Michele continues to work at the Meadow Lake clinic. When the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed or ended, I want to spend every opportunity I have available with my grandchildren. I have missed many events that have passed by in their lives because of COVID-19 restrictions.