Douglas Glen Schmalz


April 30, 1956 – April 20, 2018

Douglas Glen Schmalz passed away at home very unexpectedly on April 20, 2018 at the age of 61 years. Doug was predeceased by his parents, Erwin and Martha Schmalz. He is survived by his loving wife, Colette and two sisters and their families: Irmgard Carbert (Frank) and their children Alana Armstrong (Steve) Kelsey, Konnor, Tehya and Cade; Kent Carbert (Daliana) Kale and Matthew. Lillian Spurr and her children Kathryn Spurr (Marcel Fatovic) Livia and Hayden; Jennifer Spurr (Andy Phillips) Juno and Becket. Doug also leaves to mourn three Foster Sisters: Della, Linda and Gloria McCallum as well as the Blatz family and many special friends.
Doug attended school in Meadow Lake but academics were never high on his priority list. He was involved in Air Cadets and quite enjoyed it, with a special interest in airplanes which he carried with him throughout his life. As a young boy, Doug enjoyed the farm where he spent time playing in the hay, riding his bicycle and his little black pony. He always liked the animals and carried a soft, gentle way with animals throughout his life. As with most boys in his early teens, his interest turned to vehicles and the old 61 Dodge car that his Dad let him drive for a time. As school was not one of Doug’s favourite pastimes he left as soon as he could and went to work. He continued to live at home helping his dad on the farm as well as working at the Meadow Lake Sawmill and for Bill Dyck in road construction. Doug was a natural in handling equipment and learned to work with all the farm equipment quite easily, but his real desire was to drive a semi-truck. Driving seemed to be in his blood and thus he pursued getting his 1A license as soon as he could. That 1A license set the course for him, working at Lay’s Transport, Phoenix Transport and Jay’s Transport hauling freight for many years while continuing to farm with his dad.
At the age of 17, Doug started taking an interest in the neighbour girl just five miles down the road. He pursued this relationship, in his shy boyish way at the time, by going over to the Blatz farm with the pretense of seeing one of her brothers. It was soon evident what his real purpose was when it was Colette and not Brent who was heading out of the yard with him in the old ’61 Dodge. His pursuits paid off as on October 8, 1977 Doug married his teenage sweetheart and neighbour, Colette Blatz. Together they shared a love of farming and the outdoors with much love and laughter, and a strong faith in the Lord. They walked hand in hand on their journey with close ties to family and friends. They moved into the old Willie Sawatzky house on the next quarter to Doug’s parents and joined in work on the Schmalz family farm, eventually taking it over.
Doug’s interest continued to lay with big trucks and his dream of owning a semi-truck was finally realized with the purchase of a 2001 International with Super Bee Trailers. With this “Schmalz Trucking,” his own trucking company was formed and Doug was in the grain hauling business. In 2007, Doug decided to rent out the land and go into grain hauling full time. For the next ten years Doug did what he loved best, driving his super bee truck! One of his most joyful days was when he drove home with the brand new 2009 Volvo from Edmonton. He finally owned a brand new semi! When an accident totalled that truck he immediately pursued the purchase of the new brown 2015 Volvo that he owned until just recently. In 2017, Doug decided he’d had enough of driving up and down the roads and retired from trucking. His plans were to sell off the trucking equipment and spend time fishing, camping and travelling with Colette. Doug and Colette recently enjoyed a cherished holiday in Puerto Vallarta with his sister Irmgard and brother-in-law Frank.
Doug and Colette celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on October 8, 2017. Doug loved Colette with a deep, steadfast love and was very devoted to her. He may have not always got everything done just when and how she wanted, but she always knew he cared. He was a great listener and not only her loving husband, but Colette’s best friend. They spent many wonderful years together enjoying and entertaining family and friends. The coffee was always on and there almost always was some baking to go with it. Their home had an open door. Doug always had time for a coffee and a visit. Doug took time to pursue and enjoy friends often stopping by at a neighbour’s just to say “Hi” or check on how someone was doing. He enjoyed doing little things for others like plowing snow for the neighbourhood. Everyone was his friend. He seldom said anything negative against anyone and just accepted people as they were.
Doug and Colette attended Compass Immanuel church where Doug helped with maintenance and looked after the sound system for many years. Music was another one of his passions. He was always interested in the quality of sound, stereo systems, and whatever was new and improved. Although he didn’t often talk about his faith, Doug knew the Lord and he held a deep conviction that it was essential to live his life the right way and treat people well.
Doug had a love of farming, trucking, snowmobiling, snow and water-skiing, swimming, fishing, boating and just generally driving fast. He never stressed, was always smiling (or giggling), was supportive and willing to help, liked adventure, was a free spirit….He loved life!

Card of Thanks
Thank You so much to each of you for the many expressions of sympathy – the phone calls, the texts, the emails, the visits, the hugs, the cards, the flowers, the assortment of food etc., etc. The warmth of so much love and caring has been appreciated. I also wish to say thank you to the RCMP and emergency personnel for the professionalism and empathy shown upon responding to the 911 call.