Remember, even with the warmer weather, provincial parks and playgrounds remain closed for the time being. The walking path at Lions Park is open, but is signed for one-way traffic. Please follow the signs posted there. (Please also remember Lions Park is not an off-leash dog park).

The pandemic packages delivered to residences contain green checkmarks and orange ‘X’ sheets to help notify neighbours and others you are doing OK or in need of assistance without someone needing to physically come to your home.

If you are looking for online COVID-19 resources, one option is the Wellness Together Canada website that was launched last week.

Don’t look for loopholes in public health orders. We are asking everyone to follow the spirit of public health recommendations in order to help each other rather than just trying to avoid fines.

As always, get your best information here:

·        Public Health Agency of Canada:

·        Government of Saskatchewan:

For access to past notices and other COVID-19 resources published by the City, visit our COVID-19 Community Information page at