The majority of active COVID-19 cases are now in the North and Far North regions of the province, and a provincial order was issued over the weekend restricting all non-essential travel in and out of Saskatchewan’s northern region. Even though restrictions have begun to be loosened on distancing measures, please remember to be careful for your own safety and the safety of others in the community. Restrict gatherings to under 10 people, follow distancing measures implemented in stores, and keep track of the people you have been in close contact with.

For more information, you can contact the provincial information and reporting line at 1-855-559-5502.

For additional information or assistance from the city, you can contact our dedicated COVID-19 line at 306-236-0203 and leave a message. Someone will respond to your call within one business day. You can also always contact city hall through normal methods.

Tonight, city council will continue to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the community. A copy of the meeting agenda is available through our website here: updates on the meeting decisions will be posted tomorrow.

For the latest information and advisories visit:

·        Public Health Agency of Canada:

·        Government of Saskatchewan:

For access to past notices and other COVID-19 resources published by the City, visit our COVID-19 Community Information page at