The Meadow Lake Farmers’ Market has found a new home for the start of the 2022 season.

When vendors return to set up shop the second Friday in June, it will no longer be outside the Meadow Lake Museum, but rather inside a large, tented structure in the Home Hardware parking lot just north of town.

“Don Marsh, representing Home Hardware, approached the farmers’ market and asked if we would be interested in relocating to their parking lot,” explained market manager Vicki Cockrum. “We, of course, had a board meeting and discussed it with members, and everyone was unanimously in favour of the move. We’re quite excited about this opportunity, as it will mean increased traffic for both us and for the store. Another bonus is they’re providing us with a big tent where we can all be under one roof.”

Much of what Cockrum said was echoed by both Wayne and Don Marsh of Home Hardware.

“Our inspiration came from trips we’ve taken east to visit our head office,” Wayne Marsh said. “There’s a large farmers’ market in St. Jacobs, ON, and we looked at the way it was established, and dreamed and wondered about a way we could help our local farmers’ market to grow.”

Don Marsh agreed.

“It will be a win-win because the market can expand, have a lot more traffic, better parking and so on, and it would be another draw to our parking lot so hopefully it will mean more traffic for us as well,” he said.

by Phil Ambroziak