The Northern Village of Green Lake recently confirmed its participation in the Canada 150 community infrastructure program.

The municipality will be installing solar panels on the roof of the community hall in the spring of 2017. This as a first step in an effort to invest in renewable energy.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our municipality and our community members to be exposed to the positive impact of renewable energy,” noted Green Lake mayor Ric Richardson. “We are hoping this will be a chance for residents to learn during the installation and setup of the solar panels in hopes they will be encouraged to move in this direction in their own homes. This is the first renewable energy project in Green Lake but will not be the last.”

The community chose to submit a grant application with the focus on solar panel installation rather than renovation because of the opportunity for a reduction in operating costs for the community hall, the opportunity to earn revenue by the sale of power and also for the opportunity to promote renewable energy sources rather than continued use of non-renewable energy to power municipal facilities.

“Renewable energy represents potential for the development of training opportunities for installation and maintenance programs,” Richardson continued. “This project has many potential spin off benefits. The introduction of solar initiatives could result in employment and economic development opportunities for Northern Communities.”

Solar power has become more commonplace and become a relatively simple form of renewable energy production that promotes a clean environment and no carbon footprint. Fitting with the provincial commitment to move to powering our province with renewable energy in the future.

Ralph Goodale, provincial public safety minister, announced the Saskatchewan projects approved under the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (C150), including Green Lake’s project, Dec. 19.