On Jan. 25, the Meadow Lake RCMP were advised of a possible fraudulent scam involving the distribution of child identification kits.

Meadow Lake residents were contacted by a female advertising the “McGruff Safe Kids ID Kits”, and it has been brought to the RCMP’s attention the representatives have been obtaining personal information including phone numbers and addresses and then completing follow up visits in person.

The McGruff Safe Kids Canadian website advertises the kits are supported by the RCMP Federation. A direct response from the RCMP Federation in Ottawa confirms the RCMP does not support this organization and has been alerted to the possible scam.

The RCMP wishes to remind people to refrain from giving out personal information to companies and individuals they are unfamiliar with. It is this time of year police usually see an increase in scam phone calls including the usual Canada Revenue Agency tax scam. If you are contacted via phone and believe it to be a scam, hang up, document the phone number of the caller and report to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre toll-fee 1-888-495-8501.


  1. Just a question, we use the McGruff kits and represent the National Crime Prevention Council. Our parent company is Torchmarks Corp through America Income Life Insurance company. We provide these kits free of charge and even help families out with the Amber ID Alert app from out Safe Life Network and are endorsed by the International Union of Police. I have personally sat down with officers from my city here in Alberta and they have loved and supported the program. In no way is it a scam. We do allow the parents to see the permanent coverage that the international union gets for their families and they do have a chance at qualifying for it but in no way is it a condition to receive the Child Safe Protection.

    I just wanted to verify that the information being put in this article is in. I way affiliated with the McGruff kits from our company that is trying to protect families and especially children in the event they go missing. If this is the case, then whoever did the research and put out this article is actually hurting potential families from getting protected, and should be held accountable for reporting false information.

    Thank you

    Jason Ash

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