Mary Dorothy Lantz


January 5, 1936 – September 28, 2019

Mary Dorothy Lantz, known as Dorothy, was born in Meadow Lake, SK to William and Mary Brown on January 5, 1936. She lived in Meadow Lake and Blue Bell for most of her growing up years. She passed away at the age of 83 years old.
The oldest of nine children, Dorothy enjoyed helping her dad and mom, caring for her younger siblings, working with and riding the horses, playing games with family and friends, and of course teasing her younger siblings. Like with so many, life was not always easy. Loss of a sister and illness of her mother made it necessary for her to grow up quickly. Dorothy loved dancing and was part of a highland dancing group that performed at the Meadow Lake Stampede and other events. She enjoyed playing ball.
In 1953 Dorothy married John Robert Lantz. They lived in Cold Lake, AB where the first three of seven children were born (Noreen, Joyce and Joan). John worked during the construction period on the Cold Lake Air Base. Dorothy looked after the children and helped out cleaning at Grandpa Lantz’s pool hall.
In 1958 Dorothy and John moved to Loon River, SK, where the four boys (Robert, Don, Neal and Albert) were born in Loon Lake, SK.
Dorothy worked hard, raising seven kids, growing a huge garden, looking after the farm animals. Not easy caring for any active family but Dorothy kept her patience and her sense of humour. John loved playing with the kids. Wrestling on the floor in the living room, often with all the kids piled on him. When Dorothy thought it was time to quit before someone got hurt, she would give John two warnings. Then if he didn’t stop, she would let in the family dog, who would go straight over and nip John in the butt. John and the kids never did understand how she managed to train every dog to do that.
The family enjoyed trips to the lake to swim or fish and swimming at the Loon River Bridge. In those days the water was deep enough to dive off the bridge. They also enjoyed days of skating, tobogganing and playing ball. With so many cousins living within half a mile or so, there was enough for two complete ball teams.
When Dorothy was in her forties and her family was all grown up, she started her first job as a cook at D&L Service, working for Don and Leona Coupland. Through the following years she worked in several restaurants in Meadow Lake and Loon Lake. She was well known for her cooking abilities and when a friend and fellow cook convinced her to get her journeyman cooking papers, she passed easily. She had a loyal customer base who followed her from restaurant to restaurant.
Dorothy was not only a mom to her children, but to her children’s friends. It always made Mom feel like she had made our friends welcome when they walked in, said hi and checked out the fridge to see what goodies were in there. Soon the tradition was carried through with grandchildren and great grandchildren. Dorothy took great pleasure when going out with her friends as she was greeted with many hugs and ‘hi mom’, and ‘hi grandma’. After this happened numerous times her friends would ask just how many kids she had?
Years later Dorothy moved into Meadow Manor. She enjoyed great friendships and going bowling, doing puzzles, going to the Meadow Lake Seniors Centre for card tournaments. Quiet times with Finnette and Diana – right! Not possible! They are Lantz’s! She enjoyed teasing them about being related by marriage only.
Mom also enjoyed it when her sister Edith would come to town and they would pick up their brother Bud and go out for lunch and visit.
Dorothy’s welcoming ways continued even into her last weeks in the hospital. She told her doctor in St. Paul’s Hospital he should move to Meadow Lake because they could use him there and invited him to come meet the family. She said all her nurses were kind and beautiful. She invited one caregiver to come home and bring her family because she could always fit in more grandchildren.
Dorothy kept her sense of humour to the very end. One night at a family shift change there were three RCMP vehicles parked at the hospital entrance. Joan said, “Mom what did you do?” Mom came back with… “Not here for me, I called them to come get Wanda!” Another time after we had teased Joan about her very long goodbyes, Joan had said goodbye several times over about 20 minutes and still showed no sign of actually leaving, Mom counted to three on her! Every day she made us smile or laugh. Her family treasured every last minute with her. Always a lady, always polite.
Dorothy’s children are: Noreen (Laurie), Joyce (John), Joan (Alan), Robert (Penny), Neal (Wanda), Don, and Albert (Donna); grandchildren: Collin, Brent, Derrid, Azjder-Rae, Charlotte, Lee, Matthew, Kimberly, April, Anna, Steven, Justin, Jessica, Travis, Melissa and Amanda; great grandchildren: Shea, Kensie, Ashley, Jenna, Drake, Thayer, Dominic, Benjaminn, Joshua, Tynaya, Emily, Jaden, Jase, Janelle, Reese, Dominic, Abbey, Zoey, Brock, Karoline, Silas and Chase; siblings: Murray (Lynne), Bud, and Edith; siblings-in-law: Clarabelle, Betty, Roy, Shirley and Dennis.
Dorothy is predeceased by her loving husband: John Robert Lantz; children: Joyce, Robert and Don; grandchild: Steven; great grandchild: Kensie; siblings: Cynthia, Jim, Harvey, Jeannie, Lynn and Ruth; siblings-in-law: Dennis and Ursula.
The family would like to give a special thank you to the doctors, nurses and EMTs at St. Paul’s Hospital and Meadow Lake Hospital. You were absolutely wonderful, thank you for your kindness and all the care you gave Dorothy. God bless you all!