by Phil Ambroziak

Things are about to become a little more convenient for visitors to Lions Park in Meadow Lake.

During the regular meeting of Meadow Lake city council June 13, authorization was given for the city to enter into an agreement with City Convenience for the exclusive operation of the two concession booths at the park – one adjacent to Assman Field and the other near the playground equipment. Terms of the agreement call for it to be a three-year period with the lessee having first right of renewal, City Convenience will – at their cost – perform all repairs to appliances and to the structure in order to meet public health requirements, the city will provide power and water, as well as maintain the washrooms, while any cost to increase the power capacity of the facilities will be cost shared between the business and the municipality.

Councillor Kim Chiverton moved for approval of the agreement, but noted his concerns with regard public health standards and what needs to be done to meet requirements.

“I’m not entirely sure, but in order for it to be used permanently as a kitchen by a commercial operator it needs to be upgraded,” explained city manager Diana Burton.

Meanwhile, councillor Layne Shkopich, who seconded the motion, stated he has no concerns with City Convenience’s proposal.

“I think we have the perfect candidate for this facility,” he said. “I think they’ve proven themselves at that end of it.”

While councillor Conrad Read also agreed with the motion, he did point out opposition raised by Gateway Elementary School. According to city administration, Gateway remains opposed to the agreement in spite of City Convenience’s willingness to assist the school with future fundraising efforts. Each year, Gateway has used the concession booth at Lions Park during its track and field meet and has raised in excess of $2,000 each time for various school initiatives.

City Convenience owner Yvonne Von Grad was in attendance for the meeting and took a moment to address Gateway’s concerns.

“We talked to the school about different ways we can help them do fundraising like we do with the other schools,” Von Grad said.

Von Grad also commented on the possibility of increasing the power supply to the booths.

“For what we’re running there now, we’re thinking we probably don’t need an upgrade unless we are going to bring in a slush machine or something like that,” she said. “As it stands right now, I think the power is going to be OK at 100 amps. In the future, that could change.”

As for hours of operation, the booth is expected to be open during May and June, as well as in the fall during football season and whenever the park is booked for special events throughout the summer.