There’s no bull about the popularity of the annual Saskatchewan Angus Tour.

The two-day event, which this year took place Aug. 12 and 13 in both the Meadow Lake and Spiritwood areas, attracted a crowd of close to 100 producers each day – people from across the province, as well as parts of Alberta and Manitoba.

“It’s an annual event that rotates around the province, and is held every summer,” explained organizer Lacey Brooks. “It’s never been to Meadow Lake until this year, though. It has been to the Northwest before, but in the Edam and Lloydminster areas.”

Brooks went on to say the tour provides an opportunity for different breeders – purebred and commercial – to gather together and to view cattle.

“Everyone on the tour has purebred Angus cattle, red and black, that was the type of animal being showcased – heifers, herd bulls and more,” Brooks added. “One of the main things that makes it so popular is being able to see people’s herds. Also, if you are interested in purchasing cattle in the future whether it be a bull or a bred heifer at a sale, it gives you an opportunity to see someone’s whole herd… it’s unique because you get to see so many different herds.”

This year’s tour included eight stops in total. Locally, these stops included Blair and Lacey Brooks’ own ranch, as well as those of Sheldon and Lori Shkopich, Ivan and Julie Demmans, and Jimmy and Kirsten Wright.

“Another aspect of the tour is networking – meeting the different producers and putting faces to names,” Brooks said. “It was a big undertaking, and although we don’t have final numbers yet, we will be able to donate some of our profits to the STARS Air Ambulance.”

Among those to participate in the tour was Sharon Wagner, who operates Wagner Angus in the Moose Jaw area.

“We are producers, we have purebred cattle down in Moose Jaw and this tour is a yearly event I do not like to miss,” Wagner said. “You get to see other producers’ programs, and the type of cattle coming out for the current year. It’s important as a producer to get out and see what’s happening.”

Wagner went on to explain, each year, different areas put in a bid to host the tour.

“Last year it was in the Southeast corner, this year in the Northwest and, next year it will likely move to the central part of the province or Southwest,” she noted. “I enjoy seeing the scope of cattle… every year they seem to be getting better. Producers are really working hard to improve the breed and to keep its integrity. Also, geographically, each part of Saskatchewan is very different… It’s all very interesting as a person of the land to study and look at.”

by Phil Ambroziak