The Fellowship of the Ring, the Office of Scientific Intelligence, the Justice League of America. They may be based in fiction, but these three groups – along with countless others – have one other thing in common. They all include members who, although unique unto themselves, share a like-minded goal, and that is to make the world a better place for those who live in it.

Heroes are a little harder to come by when they’re not relegated to the silver screen or the pages of a pulp magazine, but the same willingness to do good could also be attributed to the current Meadow Lake city council. No, mayor Gary Vidal isn’t about to lead his colleagues on a quest to the fiery peaks of Mordor, nor will any meetings be called at a secret satellite headquarters 22,300 miles above the Earth, but there’s no denying council truly does have the entire community at heart when making important decisions.

The seven members of the group certainly have their own outlook and opinions on municipal matters, but – since elected four years ago – none could ever be accused of bringing a personal agenda to the table, and any discussion or debate that does take place is always done in both a professional and courteous manner. This is quite an accomplishment in itself, as it’s not uncommon for politicians to have such diverse views they often become divisive, leading to pointless arguing, poor results and very little progress. Whether it be its relatively small size, the support it receives from city staff, a sign of great leadership or something entirely different, one thing’s for sure – this council’s ability to work together has allowed them to get a lot of things done.

Whether or not this dynamic continues in the coming months remains to be seen, however. Considering the next municipal election is set for Oct. 26, there will indeed be some changes when all is said and done. Thus far, two councillors have indicated their intent to seek re-election, while one has decided not to return. But, the remaining four, Vidal included, say they have yet to decide if they’ll run again. Nominations don’t officially open until Sept. 1, so they are entitled to take their time, but hopefully they don’t ultimately bow out for the wrong reason.

Each member has factors of his or her own to consider before making another four-year commitment, but – in the case of Vidal for instance – one reason he hasn’t made up his mind yet is because he’s waiting to see who else puts their name forward for a potential council seat. He wants to make sure, if re-elected, he’s still part of a strong group. However, the mayor should rest assured there are many dedicated people who live in Meadow Lake who would be a great asset to the team. And, if it turns out there are new members deemed a little rough around the edges, it would certainly be beneficial to have some of the old guard, particularly the person holding the highest seat, still in place to help smooth things over.

What will happen next? Only time, and democracy, will tell.